The Malopolska Institute of Culture in Krakow
Virtual Museums of Lesser Poland
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This is an impressive endeavour of 35 museums from the entire region of Lesser Poland, who embarked on a joint task to digitize and present the most interesting objects from their collections. The project is implemented by the Department of Economic Development of the Marshal’s Office of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in partnership with the Lesser Poland Cultural Institute.
Most exhibits are presented in 3D, and the Virtual Museums of Lesser Poland is hitherto the largest project presenting cultural heritage using 3D technology. It was also the first project implemented by a Polish public institution to present selected objects in the Sketchfab platform aimed at 3D printing and design enthusiasts and professionals.
The website also contains recorded conversations with experts and researchers and scores of themed presentations showcasing the museum collections in unusual contexts and uncommon connections.

photo credits: Marek Antoniusz Święch, Virtual Museums of Lesser Poland in Cracow, CC-BY 4.0 PL