Dom Spotkań z Historią
Wasza Warszawa
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Wasza Warszawa [Your Warsaw] 1918/2018 app adds a whole new dimension to sightseeing in the Polish capital – through exploring the city’s history, historical sources and anecdotes. The guide to Warsaw has been supplemented with photographs, video and sound recordings, historical documents, archival materials, interactive maps, urban games and augmented reality components.
The app leads users through the history of Poland’s regaining of independence and the subsequent century of Warsaw’s most recent past. The users choose how to learn about this period, either by collecting information and material to discover the city’s history or actively engaging in exploring it through guides, suggested sightseeing routes and games. There are also quizzes for anyone interested in testing their own – or their students’ – knowledge.
In 2018, Wasza Warszawa app won one of the Mobile Trends Awards.