“Światowid” Centre of European Meetings
Regional Digitisation Studio
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The Regional Digitisation Studio, responsible for the digitisation of cultural and heritage assets of Warmia and Masuria, relies on experience from the “Światowid” Centre of European Meetings. The website presents objects and archives from the museums of Warmia and Masuria alongside a rich and diverse collection of educational materials.

The Studio showcases digital collections of 12 museums, as well as private collections, materials on chapels in Warmia and Masuria, the Elbląg Canal, and virtual walks. The digitised resources may also be used as subjects of lesson scenarios, which were enriched with convenient, easy-to-use interactive forms from Learning Apps, a popular educational application.

The website grants access to three apps that rely on augmented reality environments, offering a more meaningful user experience of the presented historical objects. Plans include further development of this area of the website’s activity.