Piotr Marecki is a cultural scholar, producer and creator of digital works, employed as an associate professor at the Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Culture. He did post-doc work at MIT (2013-2014), and was a visiting professor in the Media Archeology Lab at the University of Colorado, and at the University of Rochester, the University in Bergen and Smolny College in Saint Petersburg. Together with an international group of authors he published 2X6, a book of generative literature (2016). He’s also the creator of Wierszy za sto dolarów (Poems for 100 dollars, 2017), written by Amazon Mechanical Turkers, and the conceptual Sezon grzewczy (Heating season, 2018). Marecki is now working on a monograph of the ZX Spectrum computer (in collaboration with the demosceners Yerzmyey and Hellboj). He runs the UBU lab at the UJ.