At Outriders we cover the world, because while it’s increasingly hard for us to understand, whether we like it or not it has an impact on the situation in Poland. We describe the context of events that make it to the headlines. We’re idealists, believing in objective and honest journalism.

We publish regular reports from four parts of the world, systematically building collaboration with new journalists and organizations. We create interactive reportage using the latest methods of telling stories (scrollytelling, AV etc.). We’re building a network of journalism organisations in Central and Eastern Europe (Outriders Network) and provide mutual support in sharing knowledge and the latest practices (Outriders Summit). We put together an alternative newsletter that compiles important information about the world that’s overlooked in the mainstream media (Outriders Brief). Finally, we join international discussions concerning the future of journalism and media education (Outriders Lab).

Outriders is a service based on a completely new model: We operate as a not-for-profit company. That connects our desire for experimentation in developing journalism with the flexibility of a startup and the maintenance of a strong mission. We finance our operations with grants, support from sponsors and business income, but primarily through the support of our readers. We don’t believe in paywalls – in hiding content from those who don’t want to pay for it. We can’t let people who don’t have money be cut off from good information. Social entrepreneurship works for all of us. We’re the first medium in Poland to choose this form.