Mimo.ooo is one of the leading Polish VR and video 360 content creator, producer and distributor - pioneer in cinematicVR. We have developed and produced a number of innovative and groundbraking projects in cinematicVR, including fiction and documentaries. Their most braking project is an on-line series „Mismatched” – the first in the world series filmed in 360 technology, being distributed on VOD platform www.player.pl since September 2016.

Besides VR and video 360 formats, they make complete branded content strategies for brands and products involving all formats related to motion pictures: feature filmes, series, short formats distributed on all platforms available: TV, online, mobile. The scope of their services includes three main stages of project development: strategy development, creation, production and implementation. Their team delivers competences and skills from marketing through creative design and scriptwriting to production including e.g. apps development. They cooperate with well known and aknowledged directors, scriptwriters, designers and artists.

Their work for a number of well known brands and clients, both from media and from end-clients segments, for example: HBO, TVN, Siemens, Toyota, Agora, Multikino, TR Warszawa. Their co-operation includes also advertising agencies, media houses and film production studios.