Łukasz Kozak is digitisation and media expert and a medievalist, who works with old collections and new technologies. He created the world’s most popular overviews of the contents of digital libraries, including Discarding Images and Old-time Animal Drawings (Stare obrazki ze zwierzętami). Łukasz is the co-creator of Polona and the father of its promotional success in 2013-2015 (nominated for the 2015 Guarantee of Culture award). He works with institutions including Poland’s National Library on developing digital collections and digitisation, and with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute on the digitisation section of the Digital Cultures conference. On Polish Radio’s Programme 2 he co-hosts Kryzys wieku średniego, Poland’s first show about the Middle Ages; he also works with Sonia Wronkowska on the New Epiphanies Festival’s early music concert programme. Łukasz is a lecturer, author of academic and popular works, and innovator, bringing together the heritage of the past with today’s digital reality.