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For the last four years, TuEuropeana has been popularizing Polish resources in the collection of over three million objects from over 3,700 European institutions assembled and presented in Europeana. TuEuropeana juxtaposes the collections of Polish institutions with those from other countries in theme sets – centred on historical events, important social problems, or artistic phenomena or movements.
The platform also serves educational purposes, creatively using digital modes of action. Under the Transcribathon project, implemented based on the principles of crowdsourcing, a broad group of enthusiasts – ranging from schoolchildren to senior citizens – could help manually transcribe texts such as the diaries of Vilnius doctor Władysław Zahorski from the collection of the National Library. In turn, art school students taking part in the competition to design a poster promoting environmental protection were to find visual materials in the archive resources. GameJam, on the other hand, was a project addressed to representatives of the creative sector, who were challenged to design a game based on audiovisual resources dating back to – or associated with – World War I.

phooto: (RE)source. Green Digital Archives. Workshop in Gdansk. Mariusz Kopczyński, FINA