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Never before have Polish patriotic, hymn and military songs been released online on such scale and in such great variety. The Independence Songbook publishes these compositions accompanied by a package of musical and educational tools. The site includes a description of each composition along with its interpretation and overview of its historical context, as well as lyrics with musical annotation and guitar chords, choice of soundtrack (melody, melody with tempo, melody with accompaniment, accompaniment), recorded modern-day versions and own version by the Polish Independence Concert band. This allows users to get acquainted with the songs, but also to learn how to play and sing them themselves.

Historians as well as professional musicians were involved in the development of the site, which is also accessible to users with special needs. Aside from the recordings, musical scores and lyrics, we can also learn about the history of each composition. All multimedia as well as text descriptions are available for download and public use, such as for educational purposes.