Kórnik Library of Polish Academy of Science
Digital Platform of the Kórnik Library
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The Digital Platform of the Kórnik Library is a digitized version of the collection accumulated over 193 years in the unique archives of one of the oldest libraries in Poland. The Kórnik Library collection includes many unique items such as manuscripts of Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Słowacki. Letters and many other objects have been described in much more detail than in other libraries. The platform also includes museum objects associated with the library’s location – the Kórnik Castle – such as prints, photographs, and paintings, including one showing the passing of the 3rd May Constitution and a portrait of the famous Lady in White.
The Digital Platform of the Kórnik Library has precisely defined its target audience as researchers and members of the academia, hobbyists and students. The clearly designed website also includes genealogical databases, a timeline for visual browsing through the collection, and numerous blogs with entries pertaining to the collection, conducted research as well as educational inspirations.