Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
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Digitisation of the Polish Academy of Learning (PAU) catalogue began in 2014. The collection currently boasts around 240,000 iconographic, photographic, art and scientific objects. Thanks to digitalisation, it is possible to browse the catalogue by resource type, the collection it comes from or the date of its creation, while advanced search options enable users to find objects based on more detailed criteria, such as production technique or iconographic subject.

Users do not have to be logged in to add the works (most of which are in the public domain) to their own collections. The website contains the unique collections of the Department of Prints, the Lanckoroński Picture Library, The Science Archive of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Learning, the Polish Library in Paris as well as special collections.

It is worth adding that PAUart was one of the first institutions in Poland to prepare and publish its openness policy. The clearly defined goal of making its resources available to the public encouraged users to re-use them before it was fashionable.