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The digital collection of MS in Łódź exemplifies how to present contemporary art online in an accessible way. On the website, users can easily browse through all of the Museum’s objects. The illustrations and navigation are meant to convey an impression of visiting the real-life space of the Museum. After setting up an account, users are able to save objects to their own collections. The very detailed segment on the theory of art enables visitors to read more on what they see, but also to watch videos prepared for various audience groups. These include recordings of lectures as well as conversations, but also of radio shows and Kulturanek, i.e. a programme on art for viewers aged 7-13.

Watching and experiencing contemporary art may seem particularly difficult to transfer to the online sphere in a democratic and accessible way. Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź takes up the challenge, presenting the “Avant-garde without borders” collection with descriptions for the blind, deaf as well as visually- and hearing-impaired, for persons on the autism spectrum, and including recordings of the descriptions in the Polish Sign Language.