Muranów Station
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The archive of photographs and memories from Warsaw’s Muranów neighbourhood invites users to see how Muranów Housing Estate and the life of its residents have changed over the years. Change is the main narrative line here. It is reflected in the main function of the website, i.e. the timeline on which users can select the decade they are particularly interested in. In addition, search categories related to daily life and a map view are available. Each photograph is provided with a physical address, to help render the feeling dropping by our neighbours. Should the archive materials fail to satiate our curiosity, we may move on to the events (virtual tours, lectures) organised by members of the Stacja Muranów Association for Social and Cultural Initiatives.

The website also funcitons as an open archive of photographs, documents, and recordings. Users may add their own materials associated with the district using a special tool for creating Muranoteka cards.