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Multisensory UNESCO
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It is much easier to see paintings, photographs or museum exhibits online. Digitizing buildings is more difficult – but also possible. Multisensory UNESCO is a project of digitizing the material and immaterial heritage of 14 wooden churches entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List: Catholic churches in Lipnica Murowana, Binarowa, Blizne, Dębno Podhalańskie, Haczów, and Sękowa – and Orthodox churches in Brunary Wyżne, Kwiatoń, Powroźnik, Owczary, Chotyniec, Smolnik, Radruż, and Turzeńsk.
Thanks to the website, we gain access to animations, virtual panoramic tours (panotours), photographic maps, orthoimages created using laser scanning, results of detailed acoustic research completed by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, as well as texts and audio descriptions of the sites. The project intends to safeguard the heritage of these 14 churches in the most accurate way possible, so that they may be reconstructed in the event of their destruction.