Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Digital Libraries Federation (FBC)
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This is the second largest digital library system in Poland (right after Polona), and the largest source of resources for Europeana. FBC presents the collections of 146 Polish cultural institutions: libraries, repositories, cultural institutes and centres. 7.3 million objects are clearly marked in terms of copyrights and the possibility of further use. FBC helps institutions clearly formulate relevant information, using a set of 12 statement templates from RightsStatements.org.
It enables users to conduct simple and advanced searches of the digital descriptions of publications held in Polish digital libraries and repositories cooperating with FBC. Each description will quickly take users to the website of the institution where the given object is stored. In the course of well over a decade, FBC has completed tremendous work, helping institutions digitize and publish their resources, and – no less importantly – popularize data interoperability standards, thanks to which a given resource may easily be displayed and processed in various places.
The FBC website supports cooperating institutions, employees and researchers by offering e-learning courses and organizing projects associated with digital humanities. All of these activities are listed on the FBC pro website at fbc.pionier.net.pl/pro/

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