Royal Łazienki Museum
Digital Resources of the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw
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A visit to the Royal Łazienki Museum – both in real life as well as online – is first and foremost an experience of encountering the site itself and exploring the history behind its creation. The institution’s digital library consists of a selection of artworks from the Age of Enlightenment that can be browsed through like an album, allowing users to get into the spirit of the period and learn about its history. The virtual museum contains all paintings, sculptures, elements of interior and antique objects from the gardens and mansions of Łazienki. Over 2000 exhibits can be browsed through, filtered by collection they were originally part of (such as the Royal Collection), time of creation or theme. Users can pay virtual visits to the museum’s Palace on the Isle, the White Pavilion and the Water Tower and see their interiors in dedicated video tours. 

Teachers will find several lesson plan suggestions, including student worksheets and video lecture recordings.