Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie
National Museum in Warsaw Digital
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The year 2020 saw a new incarnation Warsaw National Museum’s digital collection. The museum collection – containing over 800 thousand exhibits – can only be fully presented online. The initial version of the website only allowed for browsing through the museum’s catalogue. New features now available to users testify to the extent to which the digital collection had been improved. Users are now able to download high-resolution digital copies of the exhibits, save photo stills, search using a timeline as well as personalize and save their searches.
The mobile version of the site is highly accessible, which makes it easy to navigate for everyone, including users with special needs. Featuring Polish Sign Language translations is just one testament to the above.
Photos of the exhibits include clear information on terms of use, including copyrights. For anyone planning to visit the Museum in real life, its digital version provides information whether the given exhibit is currently on show and where to find it.