Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
Andrzej Wajda’s Archive

The archive contains Andrzej Wajda’s oeuvre that goes far beyond his filmmaking output. Thanks to the film director’s passion for gathering materials, documentation, props, letters, and posters, the archive is very personal and comprehensive at the same time. In it, we will find essays (divided into categories) supplemented with selected digitised objects from Wajda’s vast archive of letters, sketchbooks, notebooks, and journals.

The archive provides an overview of the most relevant information and collections related to Wajda’s filmmaking and theatrical oeuvre, his unfinished projects, his contributions to Poland’s literary and political scenes as well as to visual arts, together with his collector’s side arising out of his interest in Japanese culture. The detailed biographical note and timeline will prove especially useful for those who are just beginning to explore Wajda’s work and activity.