IP Group

IP Group (Identity Problem Group) is an interdisciplinary artistic collective that has been operating since 2009, bringing together the visual and performative arts with soundart, video and architecture. IP Group functions in the area of improvisation from the basis of devised theatre, transmedia activities, performance art, multimedia installations and film. Since 2014 IP Group has operated the IP Studio in Wrocław, an open studio that provides a space for activities at the intersection of sound, visual and performative arts. IP Studio is oriented toward organisation of events that move beyond the universally available cultural-artistic programme, which is why in its actions it supports the development and merging of various fields of creative thought and everyday life with artistic practice and theoretical discourse. Currently as part of IP studio an audio-visual studio is operating; there are also plans to start a residency programme oriented toward the creative process. The membership of the collective comprises Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech and Piotr Choromański.