Elvin Flamingo
Visual Arts

Elvin Flamingo is a visual artist, lecturer and deputy dean for intermedia in the Department of Sculpture and Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Gdańsk. He carries out intermedia projects on the boundaries of art, biology and technology. Flamingo does bio-art – works from the field of performance art, film, music and happenings in public space. He lives and works in Gdańsk, where he studied at the Painting and Graphics Department of the State Higher School of the Fine Arts (ASP) from 1987 till 1992. He received a diploma from the Gdańsk ASP in 2004, in the studio of Professor Jerzy Krechowicz. He was the creator and leader of artistic groups including the Onion Center Club (1999-2001) and A Taste of Honey (2004-2005), creating experimental music, cacophonic jazz and experimental and music films.